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The Better Expense Management Solution For Your Business
Discover why ExpenseOnDemand is the superior choice for expense management, offering unbeatable features, seamless integration, and exceptional value.
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Why is ExpenseOnDemand the Better Choice for Your Business?
User-Friendly Interface

Say no to complex design and embrace ExpenseOnDemand's intuitive interface that makes expense management a breeze. 
AI-Powered Insights

Leverage AI for automated receipt scanning, expense trend analysis, and deeper financial understanding.
Seamless Integration with Xero
Enjoy effortless integration with Xero, enabling automatic feed of credit cards and instant synchronisation.
Competitive, Transparent Pricing
Pay only for what you use with ExpenseOnDemand's flexible pricing plans, starting as low as $5.64 per user per month.
Why Choose Our Software
Effortless Expense Management: Simplify expense reporting, policy enforcement, and approval workflows with our user-friendly features.
Real-Time Insights: Gain real-time insights into spending patterns, and make informed decisions with AI-powered analytics.
Enhanced Control: Enforce spending policies, streamline approvals, and maintain control over your company's expenses with our robust controls.
Unbeatable Value: Experience the best value for your money with our competitive pricing, flexible contract options, and exceptional customer support.
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Chris E.
"Very simple to set up, users need minimal training. The dashboard is an absolute godsend."
Laura S.
"Very supportive onboarding team - regular video calls, how-to videos and pay for what you use."
Sam C.
"The team is friendly and can answer all questions and resolve queries promptly."
Dharmendra R.
ExpenseOnDemand has 100+ functions I can choose from to configure my customised subscription."

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Global Support and Set Up
Free platform implementation
Live CSM Support 24/7 ofcustomer issues
Video tutorials for all functionalities on platform
Competitive and tailored pricing
Tailored functionality so customers only pay for what they use
Integrations and Automation
AI for automated receipt scanning and efficient analysis of spending patterns, offering profound insights into expense trends
Automatic credit card transaction feed with Xero
Automatic mileage tracking with in-built triangulation feature
Customisable report build writer for custom imports and integrations
Robust integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, Tally and Sage
SmartScan OCR receipt capture
Policy Compliance
Increase policy compliance & eliminate expense fraud from an array of policy functions
Streamline your employee finances today!
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