Zoho Expenses

In the realm of expense management software, Zoho Expenses and ExpenseOnDemand share several commonfeatures. Both platforms offer:
Expense approval
Online invoice creation and payment
Receipt management
Receipt scanning and organization
Spend control
Credit card synchronization
Audit trail provided
Expense management features
Foreign currency support
Third-party integration options - open APIs
Free trial offer
Web and mobile-based (iOS and Android) options
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Differences between ExpenseOnDemand and Zoho Expenses
Focus and Target Market
ExpenseOnDemand is designed as a versatile solution catering to businesses of various sizes,prioritizing user-friendly experiences, and offering very competitive pricing. In contrast, Zoho expensesis primarily geared towards larger enterprises, featuring a more intricate platform with higher pricingstructures.
Policy Enforcement
ExpenseOnDemand emphasizes very strong policy enforcement, automatically enforcing expensepolicies to control spending and identify policy violations. Zoho expenses emphasises the same, but itsmethod is more intricate and complex, making it less suitable for companies seeking an easy and user-friendly platform.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration
ExpenseOnDemand leverages AI for automated receipt scanning, analysis of spending patterns, anddeeper insights into expense trends. Zoho expenses has a different focus on AI capabilities.
Approval Workflows
ExpenseOnDemand enhances the approval process by implementing responsibility structures alignedwith the company hierarchy, ensuring efficient approvals. Zoho expenses does not simplify the approvalprocess in the same way, offering significantly fewer customizable workflows.
User Interface
ExpenseOnDemand prioritizes a user-friendly experience with a swift setup process. Additionally, videotutorials are available to enhance your understanding as you navigate the platform. On the other hand,Zoho expenses provides a feature-rich interface, which may entail a steeper learning curve due to thecomplexity of its structured platform and functionalities.
Integration with Accounting Systems
ExpenseOnDemand prioritises seamless synchronization with popular accounting systems, streamliningfinancial statement reconciliation. It's the preferred supplier for Xero customers, enabling automatic feedof credit card transactions into ExpenseOnDemand and instant integration with Xero. In comparison,Zoho expenses integrates with Zoho books, providing only comprehensive accounting integration withinthe Zoho ecosystem.
Implementation and Support
ExpenseOnDemand offers complimentary implementation and comprehensive customer support,guaranteeing users a swift and successful setup within minutes. For larger customers with specificneeds, we provide free implementation until the organization is fully established on our platform. Incontrast, Zoho expenses, tailored primarily for larger enterprises, may require a more extensiveimplementation process due to the complexity of its platform.
Pricing Structure
ExpenseOnDemand is well-known for its competitive pricing, featuring two distinct plans tailored to theunique needs of businesses. With rates starting as low as $5.64 per user per month, you only pay forwhat you use within the platform. Our commitment to flexibility extends to your contract, as we offer arolling contract, ensuring you're never tied down – you can leave whenever you want. In contrast, Zohoexpenses usually has a more intricate pricing structure, often personalized for larger enterprises.
Free implementation of platform
Live 24/7 CSM Support of customer issues
AI for automated receipt scanning and efficient analysis of spending patterns, offering profound insights into expense trends
Automatic credit card transaction feed with Xero
Automatic mileage tracking with in-built triangulation feature
Competitive pricing: whether you're a casual or power user,allowing you tailored access based on usage
Tailored functionality so customers can cherry-pick functions keeping costs down
Increase policy compliance & eliminate expense fraud from an array of policy functions
Customizable report build writer for custom imports and integrations
Video tutorials for all functionalities on platform
Robust integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and Tally
Free trial of platform
Web and mobile-based (iOS and Android) options
ExpenseOnDemand vs. Zoho Expenses: Pricing
When considering alternatives to Zoho Expenses, cost emerges as a crucial factor. Zoho Expenses provides afree plan supporting up to three users with limited functionalities. The Premium plan is priced at approximately$5/month per user billed annually or $8/month per user billed monthly, while the Enterprise plan is available at$8/month per user billed annually or $12/month per user billed monthly.

On the other hand, ExpenseOnDemand offers a unique pricing structure, delivering complete flexibility with arolling contract. You can choose from two plans tailored to your specific business needs, potentially costing aslittle as $5.64 per user per month. This includes free implementation, ensuring a seamless platform setup fromday one. Our 24/7 comprehensive CSM support ensures rapid issue resolution, often within hours. Weproactively test our platform to address potential issues before they impact users, and 90% of our customersseek guidance on optimizing platform usage.
Bottom line: ExpenseOnDemand is better for expense management.
ExpenseOnDemand stands out as a superior alternative to Zoho expenses for expense management,seamlessly integrating with Xero and other popular accounting software. Our custom report builder is flexible,enabling effortless integration and import of expenses and receipts into any accounting software. This unlocks amyriad of functionalities within the platform, ranging from policy enforcement and approval workflows to advancedAI receipt scanning. Our platform's extensive features are complemented by video tutorials, making training abreeze.

Notably, our pricing model is the most competitive in the market, ensuring you only pay for what you use on theplatform. We take it a step further with a rolling contract, offering flexibility and demonstrating our confidence inthe reliability of our service and platform.

But don’t just take our word for it. ExpenseOnDemand receives a consistently higher consumer rating than Zohoexpenses. Check out our reviews on G2 and Gartner for more information.

So what are you waiting for?

As expense management software, Expensify and ExpenseOnDemand have a lot in common. What you can find on both platforms include: