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At ExpenseOnDemand we’re committed to making our customers’ lives easier. Whether you’re an employee, part of the Finance Team or the CFO, we want to help our customers stay in control of employee spending and improve efficiencies all over the world.

What’s in it for you?

For Employees

Foster efficiency, convenience and accuracy with us:

Cut time spent on manual tasks and focus on more important and value-added activities

Perform calculations and validations more accurately with automation and analytics and reduce errors

Submit expenses from anywhere, at any time, using our mobile app or online platform, conveniently located in the cloud

Track the status of expense reports and know when you will be reimbursed

For Finance Teams

Encourages efficiency, cost control and transparency with us:

Eliminate manual data entry and task processing. Handle expense reports efficiently, and spend time on strategic financial activities

Seamlessly integrate with your favourite accounting software and simplify the reconciliation process. Eliminate errors associated with manual entry

Enforce company expense policies and flag fraudulent expenses in real-time

Gain real-time visibility to expense data, allowing finance teams to analyse spending patterns for better financial planning and decision-making

For Leadership

Boost your organisation’s financial health and strategy with us:

Gain real-time visibility into all expenses with up-to-date reports and dashboards, for better financial oversight for decision-making

Streamlined processes lead to cost savings, operational efficiency and reduced errors

Access detailed expense data and analytics for spending trends, cost-saving opportunities, and accurate financial forecasts

Gain back time to focus on strategic financial decisions. As and when your business grows and expenses increase in volume, we will be there with you

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"Great onboarding support and freedom to pick and choose functions"

Chris C.

"Excellent tool, intuitive and easy to use. Great value for money and awesome functionality"

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"Amazing app - so easy to use and saves us so much time"

Andrew Y.

"Great support, flexible functionality, quick customisation"

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"EOD is very user friendly and easy to learn the claiming process."

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