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Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Business

Whether you’re just getting started or have multiple entities, we have the perfect plan to suit you.


Our most popular plan and preferred solution for all types of

£5.34 Per User / Per Month
Subscription also available in: USD 7.64 / EUR 6.43 /
AUD 9.50 / INR 172.50 / CAD 8.50
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Features & Services:
Invite / import unlimited users
Automatically setup roles for users
Intuitive mobile and web access with scanning and instant notification
Automatic receipt extraction from email
Approve "on the go" on web and mobile App
Intuitive claimant workflow
Organise users automatically for easy expense approval
Customise expense categories/cost codes
Mileage tracking using GPS & Google with automatic VAT calculation
Realtime insights & analytics of company wide spending
Invite your auditor/tax inspector/accountant to review spending for compliance purposes
Split expenses in multiple line items for VAT control
Realtime 360 view of expenses in process
Build your own custom reports
Delete test data
AI enabled chatbot for instant training
Custom on-boarding & training
Live chat, e-mail & Zoom Support

Advanced Add-Ons

For growing companies needing more flexibility, automation and control, choose from an additional 200 functions.

From £5.34 Per User / Per Month
Subscription also available in: USD 7.64 / EUR 6.43 /
AUD 9.50 / INR 172.50 / CAD 8.50
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Features & Services:
Free Trial
Everything in Essential, plus:Build your own subscription from over 200 other functions

What’s Included?

Take a look at the full feature list available in our packages.

Analysis Group Function


Advanced Add-Ons

Audit Trail Report - Invite your Auditor / Tax inspector / Accountant to review spending for compliance purposes
Realtime Insights & Analytics of company wide spending
Display to Approver Claimants historical spend
Liability Report - to manage monthly accruals
Expense Analysis Dashboard

Cost Centre Group Functions


Advanced Add-Ons

Cost Centre
Project & Bundles

Credit Card Group Functions


Advanced Add-Ons

Import one or more Credit / Debit Cards into a single subscription
Credit Card Dashboard

Employee Group Functions


Advanced Add-Ons

Approver / Line Manager Basic & Advanced Setup
Setup Finance Manager for Approval & Pay
Approval Workflow
Deputy for Approver
Customise multiple level (Counter Approvers) approval
Administrator Privileges

Expense Category / Code Management Group Functions:


Advanced Add-Ons

Expense Category Management - Add / Edit / Set Tax Rates / Enter Accounting Codes / Customise
Create custom expense categories for teams
Additional Fields to customise expense form
Entertainment - Attendee Type (Anti Money Laundering Compliance)
Business Purpose

Report Writer & Integration Group Functions:


Advanced Add-Ons

Build Your Own Report / Transfer to other Accounting Apps
Data Transfer to QuickBooks / Sage 50cloud / Sage 200 (Beta) /Tally / Xero
Export Receipts into Xero

Mileage Capture & Compliance Group Functions:


Advanced Add-Ons

Mileage Dashboard
Fuel Card
Fuel Card Dashboard
Non-Reimbursable Fuel
Non-Reimbursable Fuel Dashboard
Setup Multiple Vehicle
Passenger & Load Allowance
Duty Of Care (DOC) Compliance

Open Apis Group Functions:


Advanced Add-Ons

Open APIs

Setup Your Organisation Group Functions:


Advanced Add-Ons

Setup organisation & upload your logo
Delete Test Data
Setup Employees in Multiple Countries
Advance / Digital Wallet
Advances Policy Setup & Dashboard
Setup Foreign Exchange / Currency Rates
Pre - Approvals
Setup Multiple Companies in one or more countries

Expense Policy & Compliance Group Functions:


Advanced Add-Ons

Anti-Fraud - Multiple Claimants claiming same expense
Auto Approval
Capping - Daily Limit
Capping - Monthly Limit
Capping - Yearly Limit
Compliance Statement
Duplicate Checker
Entertainment- Per Person Limit
Set Escalation Time Limit for expenses
Hotel & Lodging - Per Night Limit
Overall Daily Limit
Submission Time Limit
Year End Rule to comply with account closing
Expense Policy NonCompliance Dashboard

Tax Management Functions:


Advanced Add-Ons

Setup Tax Rates (Present & Future)
No Receipt / With Tax / WithoutTax
Split expenses in multiple line items for VAT control
Allow Finance Manager to Manually change VAT rate

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation:


Advanced Add-Ons

Accounts Payable Automation

Some of the world's most innovative brands use ExpenseOnDemand to manage their expenses

The app is really easy to use and the staff have been great assisting throughout the whole set up process and when we have had any questions / queries since. It is very reasonably priced and you can tailor build your own package based on your company needs thus only paying for what you need and use - this is great for us as a smaller business.

by Kamara C.
Account Manager

Very simple to set up, users can get going with minimal training. The dashboard is an absolute godsend for the finance team. We were up and
running within the morning. The reporting functionality was easy to design and we were able to interface to our ERP system using standard functionality.

by Chris E.
Account Manager

Earlier we were paying a fixed cost for the whole application to our earlier expense automation vendor. By using ExpenseOnDemand, we have reduced this by 50%, and only pay for functions we use. Highly recommend to use the application.

by Ron P.
Account Manager

During Covid we were lumbered with a hefty, fixed charge for our expense application. Since we have started using ExpenseOnDemand, we have had 2 lockdowns, and we have been able to reduce our costs dramatically, by moving people between regular and irregular users. As a 70 people business every penny saved is a bonus.

by Phoebe L.
Account Manager

What We Do

Say goodbye to hours spent on tedious expense tracking. ExpenseOnDemand cuts time spent claiming expenses by 95%, giving your employees more time for what matters.

Ditch the manual data entry and piles of paper receipts. Our user-friendly platform streamlines expense management.

Reduce errors and inconsistencies with ExpenseOnDemand’s intuitive expense reporting system, ensuring your records are always precise.

Gain real-time visibility into expenses, track trends, and enforce policies effortlessly, making Finance’s job a breeze.

Why Choose ExpenseOnDemand?

More than just expense management:

Automatically enforce expense policy to control company spend and spot duplicate entries.

Implement responsibility structures that mirror your company hierarchy to speed up the approval process.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to efficiently analyse trends and understand spending patterns.

Our cloud-based technology allows you to access the system anywhere, at any time.

Seamlessly sync with your favourite accounting systems and simplify the reconciliation process for efficient financial statement preparation.

Transform the Way
You Do Business

Want to know more about the value ExpenseOnDemand can bring to your organisation? Take a look at some of our figures that keep our customers happy.

Return on investment (ROI)

Benefits you could see using ExpenseOnDemand:

Claimants - time to claim is reduced by 95.5%
Policy Compliance - 100% automated
Processing time of expense - reduced by 90%
Duplicate expenses – reduced to 0
Mileage expenses – reduced by 28.7%

Our customers typically start seeing significant savings within 4 months.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)



Pricing FAQ

What does "per user, per month" mean?

You only pay for people who are ACTIVE on the platform per user, per month. You can add unlimited users/profiles to the platform.

Can I cancel my ExpenseOnDemand plan at any time?

We have a 30 days rolling contract, which you can cancel anytime yourself.

Can I add more functions to the Essential Plan?

All functions that you subscribe to during the TRIAL and those subscribed to after the trial, can also be tried for free

Can somebody who occasionally claims expenses use ExpenseOnDemand?

We support two types of users. Ones who claim frequently (Power Users) and ones who claim infrequently (Casual Users).

Power Users pay the fee for the Essential Pack each month, and can make an unlimited number of expenses per month.

Casual Users only pay the access fee when they are not claiming and only pay the Essential Pack fee (with the access charge deducted) for each claim they make.

Do you get a free trial for each pricing tier?

Yes, you get a free trial for the Essential Pack, and also for any functions that you subscribe to from the Bespoke selection during the FREE trial. Once your trial is over, any new function that you add from the BESPOKE function will benefit from FREE trial.

How easy is the product to install / setup?

Step 1: Demo
We start with a brief 30 minute demo and talk you through the key features of the product and gain a better understanding of your priorities.

Step 2: Implementation
Depending on complexity, implementation takes as little as 30-60 minutes. The purpose is to ensure you're comfortable with key features. We have found that spending this time together gives a better chance of success within your organisation around expense management.

Step 3: Go Live
Once you've gone live, our team remain available for technical questions should you have any. You'll also have full access to our Chatbot and how-to videos for all the functions and features on the ExpenseOnDemand platform.

Still have questions? Book a demo today!

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