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The Solo Expenses mobile application and web client, is an innovative approach to expense management. The innovative thinking behind it, has focused our technology so that partners can make money quickly, by providing a brilliant service to their customers.

Provide a unique & cutting edge solution for your product or service

A Unique Solution

Integrating with or integrating Solo Expenses with your product / service means creating a cutting edge and unique solution, which will differentiate your organisation / company in the marketplace.

Refer and Earn Solo Expenses Users

  • Every Solo Expenses user can be a re-seller. No contracts.
  • Just invite your contacts. Earn commission when they subscribe.
  • Earn commission when your friends invite their friends.
  • Commission is paid upto 6 degrees of separation.

Integration with Any Back Office Service Provider

  • Our solution can reimburse employees within minutes – not hours and can integrate with any, Payroll, F & A Service or any other Back Office service provider.
  • Employees can see their expenses in their payroll slips or directly credited to their bank accounts.
  • Much of this happens auto-magically !

Matching transactions withBank & Credit Card Issuers:

  • Solo Expenses can integrate its digital receipts, and the voice memo, with digital wallets, banking and credit card transactions in real-time!
  • This allows banks and credit card issuers to offer their customers a unique way to manage both cash & credit card transactions.
  • Solo Expenses offer the users an automatic facility to split business and personal expenses, and keep track of both.

OEM opportunity with Mobile Telecom Companies

  • Offering Solo Expenses as an “out of the box” content solution, which offers linkages to the 20 accounting application, digitization of expense receipts and the voice memos facility to substantiate the expense.
  • The simplicity as an OEM solution removes the hassle for the claimant or approver to download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store and start using Solo Expenses.

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