Saves time

Expense On Demand will reduce the time needed to process expense claims by at least 50%. Claims are approved electronically and arrive in Finance fully coded, validated and approved ready to be paid. A payment file is then uploaded electronically to the payment system, so there is no re-keying required.


Reduces expenditure

By controlling what people can claim, total annual expenditure is significantly reduced. Mileage claims are validated automatically, categories of expense can be capped and duplicates are trapped at the source. All expenditure is tracked and transparent and savings of 8% to 14% are typical.


Enforces compliance

Statutory tax treatments and internal business rules are applied to each transaction to enforce compliance throughout your organisation. Exception reporting provides the means to track breaches and then instigate corrective action.


Better information

Expense on Demand incorporates an extensive suite of standard reports which can be generated at any time. Also provided is an on-board report writer that enables you to create bespoke reports in minutes using any combination of data fields.

All reports may be exported in CSV file format to Excel or any other management system.


Very affordable

While Expense on Demand is one of the most advanced Expense Management systems in existence, the cost of ownership is extremely low. Implementation is quick, easy, and inexpensive; once set up you simply pay a monthly charge (based on usage). With the empowerment Expense on Demand provides, it is expected that you begin to see immediate savings from reduced expenditure and the massive amount of time saved.


Claim from anywhere at any time

Organisations with a widespread workforce, such as field-based sales teams or maintenance staff, are able to manage expense claims centrally and efficiently. Claims may be entered online from anywhere at any time. If Internet access is not available, claims can be entered offline and then uploaded later. Many users submit claims from home or from their hotels. In India and China, people use internet kiosks to submit their expenses.

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