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Dext vs Expensify

Dext vs Expensify: An In-Depth Comparison for Business Expense Management

In the current landscape of expense management tools, both Dext and Expensify stand out as prominent solutions for handling expenses and pre-accounting tasks. 

You might come across these two options when looking to streamline your financial operations. 

Dext, formerly known as Receipt Bank, is renowned for its data collection automation and simplification of pre-accounting activities, enabling you to enhance value to your business. 

On the other hand, Expensify is often celebrated for its user-friendly features and mobile capabilities, particularly suited for managing expenses on the go.

Key Takeaways

  • Both Dext and Expensify offer efficiencies in managing business finances but focus on different features.
  • Factors like user experience, integration capabilities, and pricing structures are crucial for selection.
  • Consider your specific needs for expense tracking, reporting, and management when choosing between the two.
  • ExpenseOnDemand is a strong alternative to both Dext and Expensify when looking for an expense management software. 

Dext vs Expensify: A Quick Comparative Table

When you're choosing between Dext Prepare and Expensify, you want a simple comparison to guide your decision. Here's a concise table comparing key features:

Dext Prepare

  • 4.6/5
  • 233 reviews
  • Offers various plans, details available upon request
  • iOS and Android
  • Available, with automatic extraction capabilities
  • Supports invoice collection and management
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Integrates with various accounting software
  • Favoured for its detailed insights and customisation options


  • 4.5/5
  • 5,047 reviews
  • Free basic plan available, premium plans vary
  • iOS and Android
  • Available, with SmartScan feature
  • Limited invoice features
  • Simplified expense reporting
  • Broad integration with accounting systems
  • Popular for its user-friendliness

Your choice between Dext Prepare and Expensify might hinge on specific needs such as the volume of transactions, the level of automation required, or the sheer ease of use.

While Dext Prepare often shines for businesses that prioritise extensive accounting integrations and custom reports, Expensify may appeal to you if ease of use and a friendly user interface are top concerns.

Please note that the number of reviews and user ratings could influence your trust in the product and this information is subject to change. Check the respective websites for the latest updates and offers.

Key Features of Dext

In this section, you'll discover the specific features of Dext that streamline your financial documentation processing, from receipt management to integration with your accounting software.

Dext Prepare

Dext Prepare offers a robust solution for managing your financial documentation. You can easily upload receipts and invoices using the platform's mobile app, making it convenient to capture data on the go. The tool also utilises OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract relevant information from your documents, saving you the effort of manual data entry.

Receipt Bank

Previously known as Receipt Bank, Dext Prepare retains the feature that makes it easy to store, organise, and retrieve your receipts and invoices. You can snap a picture of a receipt through the mobile app, and Dext Prepare does the rest, storing it securely in the cloud for easy access during audits or tax season.

Integration with Accounting Software

Dext's strength lies in its powerful integration capabilities with popular ERP and accounting software like Xero and Intacct. This integration ensures that all financial data synced from Dext is accurately reflected in your accounting records. The ability to directly connect with such software streamlines your financial operations, reducing errors and ensuring consistency across platforms.

Key Features of Expensify

Expensify provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify how you manage your expenses. With features that enhance efficiency and integrate seamlessly with varied systems, Expensify is dedicated to making expense reporting less cumbersome.

Expense Reports

You can generate expense reports quickly and accurately with Expensify. The platform enables you to track and file expenses with ease, thereby streamlining your expense management process. You can collect all your expense data in one place, which makes reporting and monitoring your spending effortless.


Expensify's SmartScan technology uses artificial intelligence to extract information from uploaded receipts with precision. Just take a photo of your receipt using your phone, and SmartScan will automatically read the details, eliminating the need to manually enter data.

Integration with ERP Systems

Expensify offers robust integration with ERP systems, ensuring that your expense data syncs effortlessly with the rest of your financial systems. This functionality facilitates a more cohesive financial management experience and can save you valuable time when reconciling accounts.

User Experience

When deciding between Dext Prepare and Expensify, you should consider how the user experience will impact your workflow. The mobile application's ease of use and the dashboard's usability are critical factors in this regard.

Mobile Application

Dext Prepare's mobile app offers a straightforward approach to managing receipts and expenses. With your smartphone, you can snap a photo of your receipt, and the app will automate the data entry process. According to G2's comparison, users find Dext's mobile app easy to set up and use. In contrast, Expensify also allows for efficient receipt tracking with its mobile app. Taking a photo of a receipt lets the app automatically handle the rest. The user interfaces in both apps are geared towards simplifying your on-the-go expense management.

Dashboard and Usability

In terms of dashboard and usability, Dext Prepare is designed to give you real-time data and insights, easing the pre-accounting process. Users have noted that Dext's dashboard simplifies their work, significantly saving time on data entry and categorisation tasks. On the other hand, Expensify's dashboard is user-friendly, providing a seamless experience from receipt capture to report submission. Screenshots of the dashboards, found in reviews like those on TrustRadius, illustrate their clarity and intuitive design, enabling you to manage expenses with minimal effort.

Pricing and Plans

When considering expense management solutions, pricing plays a pivotal role in your decision. Dext Prepare offers various plans suited to accounting or bookkeeping firms as well as small to medium businesses, designed to grow alongside your enterprise. The exact pricing is tailored to specific business needs and can be obtained directly from Dext.

Expensify, on the other hand, extends different pricing tiers including a free version and a paid subscription model. Starting from £20.00/month, Expensify facilitates budgeting for freelancers and small businesses alike. With both platforms, you can explore the services through a free trial, which is an excellent opportunity to gauge the software’s suitability for your business processes before committing financially.

  • Dext Prepare:

  • Tailored plans
  • Scales with business growth
  • Detailed pricing upon request
  • Expensify:

  • Free and paid versions
  • Starts from £20.00/month
  • Free trial available

Your choice should align with your business size, the volume of expense reports to manage, and the level of functionality required. Whether you are a freelancer managing your own expenses or a small business looking for a detailed breakdown of spending, the pricing structures of Dext Prepare and Expensify are designed to accommodate a range of financial needs without compromising on the quality of their services.

Customer Support and Resources

When selecting between Dext Prepare and Expensify, it's crucial to consider the type of customer support and resources each platform offers to ensure you can get help when you need it and maximise the software's potential for your business.

Knowledge Base

Dext Prepare boasts a comprehensive knowledge base that you can access to aid with your pre-accounting queries. You'll find a plethora of articles and step-by-step guides designed to streamline your experience and answer most of your questions.

Expensify, on the other hand, provides an extensive support ecosystem that includes detailed documentation. This empowers you to self-serve many of the common issues and educational content to help you make the most out of their expense tracking capabilities.

Live Support

For more pressing matters, Dext Prepare offers a range of support options including email, a help desk, and even direct phone support with a live representative, ensuring you have multiple channels to resolve your concerns quickly.

In contrast, Expensify extends its customer support through multiple platforms. A standout feature is their chat support, allowing for real-time problem-solving with one of their specialists, making sure your experience is as smooth as possible. Moreover, you can easily track your receipts and manage expenses on the go, with options for web-based, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps.

Integration with Other Systems

When you’re considering the integration capabilities of Dext Prepare and Expensify, both of these financial tools provide robust options to connect with a variety of other systems.

Dext Prepare offers direct integration to online accounting software, ensuring that you can automatically sync your financial data with your accounting system. This integration aligns well with a busy schedule, as it reduces manual data entry and allows for real-time updating of your financial records.

  • Supported Integrations for Dext Prepare:
  • Accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage
  • More than 1,400 suppliers for direct fetching of documents

On the other hand, Expensify also smoothly integrates with accounting and bookkeeping platforms, e-commerce systems, and CRM software, providing you with the agility to manage expenses across various financial segments of your business.

  • Supported Integrations for Expensify:
  • Accounting platforms like NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero
  • Travel solutions such as Uber and Lyft for on-the-go expense capture

Whether you opt for Dext Prepare or Expensify, you’ll have access to automated and efficient online data transfers that keep your accounts up to date. The integration is typically seamless, allowing your financial ecosystem to communicate and collaborate without the need for complex technical adjustments on your end.

Expense Tracking and Management

When you navigate the intricacies of managing your business finances, the precision of expense tracking and the ease of data entry are paramount. Two leading tools in this arena are Dext and Expensify, both designed to streamline your accounting processes.

Expense Tracking Accuracy

With Dext Prepare, your expenses are processed with a focus on accuracy and efficiency. It is celebrated for its user-friendly interface which facilitates the accurate categorisation of expenses. Detailed in a G2 comparison, users reportedly find Dext Prepare easier to use, which can directly contribute to fewer user errors during expense tracking.

Expensify, on the other hand, offers a robust feature set designed to help both accountants and bookkeepers manage expenses adeptly. The service prides itself on streamlining expense reporting accuracy by enabling receipt scanning and expense categorisation. This aspect of Expensify is well-reviewed on TrustRadius, highlighting its reliability in catching errors and ensuring accurate reporting.

Automatic Data Entry

Dext sets itself apart with its automatic data entry capabilities. By scanning, uploading, and organising your receipts and invoices, Dext reduces the need for manual data entry, lowering the chance of human error. As indicated by user testimonials on GetApp UK 2023, Dext's automation saves valuable time, allowing you to focus more on business-critical tasks.

Expensify also shines in this area with its automatic transaction import and reconciliation features, alleviating the burden of data entry from your shoulders. The application automatically captures receipt details and matches them to expenses, a boon verified by several users as per insights on Capterra.

Reimbursement Processes

The reimbursement processes in Dext Prepare and Expensify are central to their function, facilitating smooth payroll management and request reimbursement procedures. Each operates distinctively to ensure expenses are reimbursed timely and accurately.

Request Reimbursement

In Dext Prepare, your involvement in the reimbursement process starts with the submission of expenses. You upload receipts using the mobile app or email and then categorise them accordingly. After your submission, your accountant or finance team can review and approve the expenses before initiating the reimbursement to your bank account. The system is designed to work seamlessly with your company's payroll management processes, providing a clear audit trail from receipt to reimbursement.

Whereas Expensify streamlines the reimbursement process by allowing you to capture receipts on-the-go and automatically creating expense reports. With Expensify, approvals are swift, and once an expense is approved, it integrates with the payroll system, offering direct deposit reimbursements that often hit your bank account the following day. This quick turnaround is a signature feature of Expensify, underscoring its commitment to efficiency in handling reimbursements.

Both Dext Prepare and Expensify align with standard payroll practices in the UK, focusing on user-friendliness and compliance with local financial regulations. Their automated systems aim to reduce the administrative burden and error rates associated with manual entry, providing you with a more streamlined approach to expense reporting and reimbursement.

Reporting and Analytics

When choosing between Dext Prepare and Expensify for your financial tools, it’s important to consider how each software approaches reporting and analytics — a crucial aspect for tracking your business expenses.

With Dext Prepare, your reporting capabilities are robust. You have the convenience of automated data collection which streamlines the process of producing accurate reports. This system simplifies your pre-accounting, allowing you to focus on digesting the analytics to make informed decisions. Dext's reporting features offer clear insights into your spending patterns and financial health.

Expensify, on the other hand, also provides a comprehensive suite of reporting features. You can easily track receipts and manage expenses on the go. The reporting in Expensify is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to review and approve reports. Expensify’s real-time analytics help you stay ahead with up-to-date spending trends and oversight.

Here's a quick comparison:


Dext Prepare


Data Entry



Receipt Tracking

High Efficiency


Report Approval



Trends Analysis



In terms of integrations, both Dext Prepare and Expensify integrate with a range of other business software, providing a cohesive workflow. This means your accounting system can seamlessly communicate with both platforms, eliminating the need for manual data transfer. These integrations are designed to save you time and reduce errors in your expense management process.

Remember, your choice should align with your business needs and the complexity of your financial operations. Consider the nuances of each tool's reporting and analytic capabilities before settling on the solution that offers you the greatest clarity over your finances.

ExpenseOnDemand vs Dext vs Expensify

When assessing ExpenseOnDemand, Dext, and Expensify for your expense management needs, it's important to consider various factors such as pricing, ease of setup, and their suitability for small businesses and freelancers.

Pricing: ExpenseOnDemand offers a competitive edge with a rating of 4.8 stars by users, indicating high satisfaction. However, it's essential to note that specific pricing information may not be readily available and would require further inquiry. 

Expensify, on the other hand, is transparent about its pricing schemes and is known for its free option, making it a budget-friendly choice especially if you're just starting out.

Free Trial: Typically, these platforms offer a free trial period. For instance, Expensify allows you to explore its features without immediate financial commitment, which is beneficial for evaluating compatibility with your business requirements.

Small Businesses and Freelancers:

  • ExpenseOnDemand is appreciated for its scalability, supporting businesses as they grow.
  • Dext is recognised for its ease of use and administration, allowing you to efficiently manage expenses with a minimal learning curve—a crucial factor for freelancers and small businesses with limited resources.
  • Expensify's receipt scanning and expense management process are automated to a high degree, offering a streamlined experience for busy professionals who need to manage their expenses on the go.

Choosing the right software depends on your specific needs, and each of these platforms brings unique strengths to the table. Your decision should be informed by the features that align closely with your business model, the complexity of your expense reporting requirements, and your budget constraints.

Comparisons and Alternatives

When weighing up Dext Prepare and Expensify, you'll need to consider key factors such as features, user feedback, and pricing.

In terms of features, Dext Prepare automates data collection and simplifies pre-accounting tasks which can save you considerable time. 

On the other hand, Expensify, known for its ease of expense reporting, allows for effortless receipt tracking and reimbursement processing.

As per user reviews, Dext Prepare has a favourable reception, scoring 4.6/5 stars based on 233 reviews. Expensify also has a strong standing with users, receiving a score of 4.5/5 stars from over 5,000 reviews. These scores suggest a high level of user satisfaction for both platforms. 

Should neither of these options meet your specific needs, there are alternatives available such as Dext Commerce and other financial automation software which provide bridges between your accounting software and e-commerce platforms. To expand your search, considering various dext alternatives could offer solutions more closely aligned with your business requirements.

Remember, when selecting a software solution, it’s important to evaluate each option against your individual business processes and requirements. Conduct thorough research and consider utilising free trials when available.


When selecting between Dext Prepare and Expensify, your decision should hinge on specific needs and workflows. Dext Prepare is often favoured for its ease of use, setup, and administration, which might make it an appealing choice for you if simplicity is a priority.

For businesses, particularly small to mid-sized, Dext Prepare could be the more suitable service due to its focus on these market segments. If your business requires comprehensive expense management with a user-friendly interface, you may find Dext Prepare aligns well with your operations.

On the other hand, if you're an accountant seeking a tool that offers a free entry-level pricing option, Expensify could be an attractive alternative. Its straightforward approach may streamline your expense reporting process, especially if you manage a high volume of client accounts.

Freelancers may appreciate the flexibility of Expensify, given its availability across different devices and the lack of initial cost. This could be an economical solution to manage your expenses without a significant investment.

Ultimately, whatever your role—be it within a business, as an accountant, or as a freelancer—weighing the features against what you require will guide you to the optimal choice. It’s important to consider the aggregation of reviews and ratings when comparing software to support decision-making, as personal preference plays a significant role in the perceived functionality and effectiveness of such tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you're deciding between Dext and Expensify for managing your finances and expenses, understanding the nuances of each can help guide your choice. Below are specific questions and answers to give you a clearer understanding of each platform's strengths.

What are the advantages of using Dext for financial management?

Dext shines in its ease of use and streamlined setup, which makes financial management more straightforward for you. It can save you time with its improved administrative tools and processes.

How precise is the data extraction feature in Dext compared to its competitors?

Dext's data extraction is noted for its accuracy, easing the stress of manual errors. Its technology ensures that the financial data you gather aligns closely with source documents.

In what scenarios is Expensify the most suitable choice for expense tracking?

Expensify is most suitable for scenarios where mobile expense tracking is essential. Its convenience in receipt scanning and expense management on the move makes it the go-to application for travelling professionals.

Can Dext provide a more efficient bookkeeping workflow over Hubdoc?

Dext's pre-accounting features are designed to automate data collection efficiently, thus potentially offering a more streamlined workflow for your bookkeeping needs than Hubdoc.

What are the cost benefits of selecting Expensify for a small business?

Expensify offers a scalable solution that aligns with the budget constraints of a small business, ensuring you get a robust expense management system without overspending.

How user-friendly are the mobile applications of Dext and Expensify for on-the-go expense management?

Both Dext and Expensify provide mobile applications designed for ease of use, allowing you to manage expenses effectively while away from your desk. The intuitive interfaces mean you'll spend less time navigating the apps and more time on productive tasks.