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Best Expense Management Software for Small Business > Enterprise

  • 100% Compliance, 0 Errors, 0% Fraud
  • Reduce Finance Team's processing time from days to hours
  • Reduce employee's time submitting business expenses from hours to minutes
Best Expense management software for small business > Enterprise.

Fast & accurate expense management solution: submitting, approving and tracking of business expenses is now faster, easier & affordable.
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Functions On Demand

Enable and disable functions as and when you need them using our expense tracking software.

Eliminate Expense Fraud

Duplicate expenses are automatically flagged and mileage tracking is verified by Google.

Flexible Pricing

Add or remove users at any time and pay only for employees that will be tracking expenses.

Control Costs To The Penny

Enforce expense policies at the point of entry. View what staff are spending on, in real-time.

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The best expense management software in the universe?

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No more headaches from duplicated business expenses and fraudulent claims. An expense management tool that reduces input error.

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Manage business expenses by setting up your own expense policies so employees know what they can claim for.

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No more chasing and searching for expense receipts. Scan, upload, approve and pay.

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Scaleable expense management software. Easy expense tracking for 4 employees or 4000.

If you are a business owner or in a finance teams you can submit all your business and travel expenses in one place.

We’ll support you every
step of the way

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Video Guides

Everything you need to know about managing business expenses is covered in a few quick view videos.
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Easy Migration

Changing to an online expense software is simple. Our Universal Importer uploads data from other systems in minutes.
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Great Support

Use our AI powered chat to get instant answers about expense tracking, if you prefer, speak to us directly.

Our customers rate our employee expense software as excellent!

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Expense Tracking Software for a paperless system

Book a demo to find out how you can submit expenses with ease

Take a free demo of our expense tracking software and we’ll show you how easy it is to automate your current process quickly and how to apply it to your business.

We’ll show you how our spend management software works

Explore how an expense report software can save you days of work and thousands in costs all with real-time expense reporting from travel to mileage tracking.

Take the steps to automate your business expenses

Experience the best expense tracking software on your finger tips with your whole team for 30-days free. No credit card required.

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Why customers love ExpenseOnDemand
over other expense management apps


By using ExpenseOnDemand, is one of the best expense apps! We have saved a lot of money as we only pay for functions that we use.

Peter Lyons, Xero Integrations Customer


Setup is easy, quick and hassle free. Videos are a great help to setup functions.

Ashley Stewart, Xero Integrations Customer


Videos are a great help to setup functions. The best expense management app with no implementation costs.

Ekta Seerat, Xero Integrations Customer


Flexible contract on a month-to-month basis. Functions can be added as per the business needs.

Kerry Hester, Xero Integrations Customer


A feature rich, flexible app at an incredible price.

Parama Ghosh, Xero Integrations Customer


Flexible expense solution with simplified approval process from line manager to Finance approval.

Anthony Holmes, Xero Integrations Customer


ExpenseOnDemand has flexibility to select the desired functions as and when required.

Ekta Seerat, Xero Integration Customer

The only expense management tool you need to fully automate
your employee business expenses

Control Software Costs

Pay only for what you use. Manage expense claims software costs by using only the functions your business requires.

Mileage Tracking

You can accurately track employee mileage claims with Google Maps integration. Tracking travel expenses has never been easier.

Unlimited Reports

Get a full visualisation of your data by creating unlimited custom expense reports. You can set up your expense reporting system as you wish.

Accounting Integrations

Sync your favourite accounting software. You don't have to worry about anything else once we have synchronised your account.

Eliminate Expense Fraud

Fraudulent expense claims are prevented through smart duplicate expense recognition.

Easy Expense Approvals

You can approve expenses using the dashboard or your mobile app from anywhere. The process is simple, fast, and awesome!

Paperless Workflow

Our paperless solution can turn your finance department into an eco powerhouse. #GoGreen Make the switch!

Super Fast Support

An intelligent AI-powered chat system in the expenses app provides super-fast support.

Everything you need to manage expenses,
faster and accurately for your small business

expense management app

Review and Submit
Expenses Faster

Review scanned receipts, approve and reimburse travel related expenses from one unified dashboard using our web portal or our expense tracking app.

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expense management system migration

Migration to ExpenseOnDemand
made simple, no data loss

Our universal importer allows you to move from your existing expense tracking software to ExpenseOnDemand in just a few clicks. We’ll help you along the way.

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set up multiple companies - expense management

Setting up multiple companies

A single subscription to manage all of your businesses from one place. Choose the team to manage your business expense software and set rules for approvers for some or all business entities in your subscription.

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create custom expense reports - expense management software

Account for all expenses for client

Don’t lose track of expenses when working on projects. Allocate specific items to a client or project to ensure you reimburse expenses correctly.

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Our expense app: integrates with any accounting system, manages your entire expense management process so you can track expenses in full confidence.

Now you can submit expenses in seconds, set expense policy rules, manage duplicate receipts, see all expense data in one place and allows for enterprise resource planning.

Business owner or part of a finance team start your 30 day FREE trial today and find out why we are one of the best expense management solutions for small business and enterprise companies.
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Why use our expense management solutions?

There are a number of expense management tools available in the marketplace so why should our expense management software be the solution you sign up to?

Would you like to save time, reduce manual data entry and speed up your expense reporting process?

Or better yet you are looking for automatic expense report creation.

Maybe you'd like department managers take more control when it comes expense reporting?

Well the good news is our expense management software can do all of that for you and more!
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Best Expense Management Software [Gartner Top Rated]

Expense Tracking Software

We help small businesses improve their expense management process and put in place a more efficient expense tracking solution. Easy invoice management and no more lost receipts.

Expense Reports

Expense reports are equally important for small businesses and enterprise organisations. With our 100% custom expense tracking software you can create expense reports that suit your specific needs.

Expense management software cost

Some of the other expense management tools you have looked at may be expensive for your small business. Get started with a free 30 day trial.

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