Solo Expenses has gone the extra mile – so your expense claims won’t!

Too many expense claims are based on ‘finger in the air’ guesstimates of the distance travelled. That becomes a thing of the past when you switch to Solo Expenses and the pinpoint accuracy we offer.

The days of inflated mileage expense claims sneakily taking more money than necessary out of your business are over. Not only goes Solo Expenses use GPS as part of a powerful little online expenses management software app, but we’ve also introduced some new features as part of our advanced mileage rates package.

Making GPS part of our software means that every journey’s start and destination can be pinpointed, and an accurate distance between the two can be calculated, so there’s no opportunity for human intervention to define the distance – or alleged distance – travelled.

‘Advanced’ features move you forward
The features of our ‘advanced’ mileage package are even more of those important background extras that have become the Solo Expenses hallmark. In the mileage dimension we have added:

  • Rates as defined by HMRC
  • Ability to record individual drivers
  • Ability to record their vehicles
  • Option to define the kind of vehicle
  • Your own company’s mileage rates
  • Ability to update rates when necessary
  • …and a great little route planner

The advantages of ‘Advanced’

  1. Having a reference to the approved rate for your company, and automatically calculating a mileage expense against those rates, not only makes the rates clear and obvious, but the app uses them to calculate the value of a claim – saving time by streamlining the process
  2. Recording the names of drivers and the kind of vehicle they’re using (including if it’s theirs or the company’s) saves time, since a couple of clicks fills in the details on the expenses claim
  3. Having pre-recorded details of the vehicle does the same, since the app will know the mileage allowance applicable to the vehicle in question, and complete the calculation accordingly
  4. Changing mileage rates can be done quickly and easily, so that everyone knows at a glance what the approved rate for their journeys actually is
  5. …and the route planner, as well as calculating the length of journey accurately also allows pre-journey planning by working out the shortest and fastest times for any particular trip. (How you use the last snippet of information is up to you, but there are clearly times when time is of the essence. Furthermore, don’t be tempted to instruct employees to go with ‘cheapest’. Sure, it may be that shortest is cheapest in terms of miles covered, but remember that the people sitting in cars at the company’s expense have an hour-by-hour cost the company has to bear. In those circumstances, if ‘shortest’ takes longer because of heavy traffic or roadworks, then it may not be the cheapest in terms of overall cost).

Find out about our Advanced Mileage feature, and the host of other pay-as-you-go on our website here – and whilst you’re doing that, remember that once you register with us, some of our features will be free for you for ever, and included in that is our basic mileage package. Really!