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save money using business expenses app

Save money from day 1

Our charges are often less than half those of our competitors. We have no setup charge and no long-term contracts. And by preventing fraudulent claims, Our expenses app virtually pays for itself!

100+ functions for expense management

100+ functions on demand

The expense tracking app is loaded with intelligent features and functions to save time and money. You can addemove anytime

integrate expenseondemand with accounting software

Productivity On-Demand

We integrate with many popular accounting software, including Xero, Sage, Tally and Quickbooks. You can reconcile automatically and reimburse employees via Payroll or Accounts Payable.

The Best Finance
Teams Are Built With
Business Expense Tracker App

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automate your business expenses

Automate Your Expenses

Scan, upload, approve and pay. Receipt scanning has gone from hours to seconds.

real-time reporting for business expenses

Real-time Expense Reporting

Analyse company spend with detailed reports and an automated dashboard.

build expenseondemand into your expense solutions

Open API Access

Integrate with other systems quickly and easily. Automate and streamline your expense processes.

easy set up expense software

Easy Setup

With our Universal Importer you can import data from your existing expense apps in minutes.

Working with 15,000 businesses of all different shapes and sizes

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Automate Using our
Business Expense Tracker App For 30 Days - It’s Free!

Download our business expense tracker app once you've signed up for your 30 day free trial account.

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expenseondemand business expenses app
Scheduled Reimbursements

Automating expenses saves time

Use automated expense workflows and intelligent functions to process expense claims quickly and accurately. Keep your workforce happy with timely expense reimbursements while ensuring optimal expense tracking, statutory and corporate compliance.

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schedule expense reimbursements
expense policy - expenses software
Enforce your policies, business wide

Control employee expenditure

Allowances and spend limits can be applied to each expense expenditure category within the expense tracker app. As an expense claim is entered, employees are guided by these expense policies which reduce errors and expense overspend.

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No more expense fraud

Eliminate duplicate expense claims

Potential duplicates are identified by automatically searching for common entries such as date, amount and supplier using our expense tracker app. Using the expense manager app, any matching expense claims require validation by both the claimant and the approver.

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reduce duplicate expenses for businesses
expense software - mileage tracking
Round trips or multiple legs

Track mileage claims with Google Maps

Our automated mileage tracker accurately records the journeys you make and calculates your claim for you. Mileage rates are allocated to vehicle types and reimbursed in line with statutory tax rules.

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Allocate project expenses to client

Manage project expenses

It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of expenses relating to projects or clients. Items within a claim can be allocated to a specific project using our expense management software, to ensure they are accounted for and recharged if appropriate.

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project expense reports - expenseondemand
use our expenses app to claim in seconds
Scan in expenses, super fast

Enter a claim in seconds

Just take a photo of your receipt, enter a few basic details and submit your claim. Or, use our data-capture system, all we need is the photo and the expenses app will do the rest. Never lose another receipt!

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The seal of approval

Approve expense claims online

Managers can approve or reject expenses from their teams online. Approved items then flow automatically to Finance for payment. It’s painless and paperless.

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approve company expenses on the go
duty of care - business expenses
Health & safety first

Manage vehicles Duty of care

To ensure Health & Safety compliance, employees are required to upload specified documents, including a valid driving licence and insurance certificate, before they can submit claims for business mileage.

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One dashboard, multiple businesses

Multiple business entities

If required, you can enable one finance department to manage expenses from multiple business entities. And a single dashboard will display the data relating to all parties.

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manage multiple business expenses - expenseondemand
global expenses app solution - expenseondemand
Serving you, globally

Available world-wide

You can access ExpenseOnDemand from anywhere in the world using our cloud-based expenses app, at any time, on any device. And you can claim in any currency, to be reimbursed in any other. We have customers across the globe. Why not join us?

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Manage business expenses using our pay as your grow pricing. This means that the features on our business expense tracking app are available as and when you need, simply enable them and off you go. There's no need to pay for features you don't use.

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What our clients love about our business expense app

People just like you are making significant savings by using our expense software streamlining their business processes with expense automation.

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Still using paper to do expenses - you don't have to!!

Great integration with ExpenseOnDemand and good results.

By using ExpenseOnDemand, we have saved a lot of money as we only pay for functions that we use.

Flexible expense solution with simplified approval process from line manager to Finance approval.

The best expense management app with no implementation costs.

Setup is easy, quick and hassle free. Videos are a great help to setup functions.

ExpenseOnDemand has flexibility to select the desired functions as and when required.

A feature rich, flexible app at an incredible price.

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Connect your favourite
accounting systems

ExpenseOnDemand integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting systems. Share employee data, account codes and payment information in real-time - simplifying your expense management processes - even more.

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