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The best expense automation software processes are built with ExpenseOnDemand

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Great Support

Use our AI powered chat to get instant answers or, if you prefer, speak to us directly.

Move Systems Easily

Move to ExpenseOnDemand from an existing expense system hassle-free. Data transfer is super easy.

Video Guides

Move to ExpenseOnDemand from an existing expense system hassle-free. Data transfer is super easy.

Powerful Functions

Choose from 100+ functions to power up your expense workflow. Enable as and when you need.

We Seamlessly Integrate
With Your Favourite Accounting Tools

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Universal Importer helps you to import data from your existing systems in minutes.

Zero Set
Up Costs

Everything you need to know about expense automation is covered in a few quick view videos.

Switch on functions as and when you need

Activate functions as and when you need them and pay only for what you choose.

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Increase Productivity

Whether you’re at your desk or you’re on the go, ExpenseOnDemand is available to you across desktop, tablet and mobile. Never miss out on the important stuff.

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Singular Dashboard

See all of your company expenses from a singular dashboard, giving you ability to see what employees are claiming for all whilst adhering to set expense policies. With our expense claim automation app, no more overclaims.

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Get Started, Superfast

Anyone can get started with an online expense automation software like ExpenseOnDemand. We’ve removed the technical aspects so you don’t have to waste time figuring things out. Use our video guides to configure your account the way you need.

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All the expense tools you need to fully automate
your employee expense management

Control Software Costs

Pay only for what you use. Manage your expense automation app costs by using only the functions your business requires.

Mileage Tracking

Accurately track employee mileage claims with Google Maps integration. Tracking travel expenses has never been easier.

Unlimited Reports

Get a full visualisation of your data by creating unlimited custom expense claims reports. You can set up your expense automation reporting system as you wish.

Accounting Integrations

Sync your favourite accounting software. You don't have to worry about anything else once we have synchronised your account.

Eliminate Expense Fraud

Fraudulent expense claims are prevented through smart duplicate expense recognition.

Easy Expense Approvals

Approve expenses on the expense claims automation software using the dashboard or your mobile app from anywhere. The process is simple, fast, and awesome!

Paperless Workflow

Our paperless solution can turn your finance department into an eco powerhouse. #GoGreen Make the switch!

Super Fast Support

An intelligent AI-powered chat system in the expenses app provides super-fast support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an expense automated system?

Expenses automation software is the use of software to automate submitting, approving, and recording expense reports.

This lets you replace paper and eliminate the tedious use of spreadsheets to file claims.

Expense automation helps organizations accurately track expenses and maintain compliance with policies.

What is the best expense automated software?

A good expense automation tracking software ensures all expense reimbursements are valid & auto-flag the claims that violate any policy.

Sit back & relax when it comes to expense reimbursements by choosing ExpenseOnDemand today. Expense automation tracking Software. Trusted by Experts. Get 100%policy compliance.

Why is online expense automated software important?

An online expense management software helps streamline expense reporting, processing, and reimbursing through automation. If used properly, it can help businesses achieve their financial goals more efficiently.

What are the benefits of an expense automated reporting software?

The Benefits of Expense Automation

1. Expense Automation Eliminates Paperwork and Manual Reporting.
2. Makes Approval and Reimbursement Faster.
3. Protects Against Expense Fraud.
4. Increased Spend Visibility.
5. Improves Policy Compliance Rates.

Can I use an automated expense claims app for my business?

A great expense automation claims software is a must for  your expense claims for speeding up reimbursement:
1. An employee gathers their paper receipts.
2. They fill out an expense report and submit it to their manager.
3. The manager reviews the report and checks for out-of-policy items.
4. The report is sent over to the accounting team.
5. All expenses are entered into the accounting system.

Does the expense automated system ExpenseOnDemand, have a function to manage company credit cards?

Yes, the automated expense app easily manages employee expenses and integrates company credit cards seamlessly.

The intuitive function makes it part of a great business automation expense software.

Does the expense automated claims software have any videos for help / video tutorial?

Our expense automation solution simplifies everything. Add insight and ease to your outdated processes.

Absolutely yes! With our expense automated software, we have help videos for customers to access in the app:

On web app, help videos can be found everywhere where you see the ‘Watch Video’ button.

In the expense automated reporting software, will my data be private and safe?

Your expense automated software holds a lot of valuable information. It is crucial to make sure that this information does not fall into the wrong hands.

We understand the criticality of data for business. As result, we ensure in our employee expense automation, we make it our policy to not share data with third parties.

Using the expense automated software, what is Mileage Auto Tracker (GPS)?

Automatically and accurately track mileage with GPS technology · Maintain travel logs that comply with IRS rules and standard mileage rates.

Our expense automation report software has a Mileage Auto Tracker (GPS) calculates mileage distance travelled

Why is there a need for automation in Finance?

Using a good expense report automation app will help with cost reduction.

With financial process automation like ExpenseOnDemand, ground-level tasks like expense entry, processing invoices, reconciliation of expenses really works.

Why are spend automation applications so important?

Modern business process automation is fast, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Implementing accounts payable, procurement, capital project, travel and expense.

ExpenseOnDemand is an app that is helping businesses with automating their expense process everyday.

What is mileage expense automation software?

It's a Mileage reimbursement software offering a new and automated approach to determining the amount to be reimbursed for mileage expense.

Why use employee expense automation apps ?

Automation simply removes the need for paperwork.

Reasons to use employee expense automation software?

It's the only way to reduce manual work for both employees and Finance teams - which is a win win situation for all!

Is there any long-term discount if I commit to long term to the employee expense automation software?

Yes, discounts are offered depending on the length of the commitment of your contract.