Devil in the detail? Not with Solo Expenses; because that’s where the angels live

Abandon what you know about being caught out by expensive little details, and come with us on a voyage of expense management discovery where the details work in your favour, for a change…

All your life you’ve known to look for the devil in the detail – because that’s where the unpleasant little details were to be found.

But in your hunt for the best expense manager app, you should look more closely at Solo Expenses, because we’ve driven out the devil and replaced him with angels.

These are business angels. Not the kind who pump money and advice into new businesses, but the kind who are beside you for as long as you’re in business, allowing you to manage expenses more effectively and for less money than you ever thought possible. Suspend disbelief, and read on…

What makes Solo Expenses different from other expense manager apps?

Well, actually, quite a lot of things, but we’d like to draw your attention to four very important ones.

  1. It can be free for life. Yes, it really can. The basic functions of ‘claim’, ‘approve’, and ‘reimburse’ are free for ever. And there is no trial period; you can step right up and use them from Day One. We’ll never ask you for a penny. Or a rupee. Or a cent. Or any other currency – because our app works in all of those and many more; you just have to tell it which one you want to use.
  1. There’s more if you want it. Those functions are just three of an extensive list of options. You can see them all on our dashboard (Though we should call it your dashboard, because when you become a customer you’re entirely free to adjust the settings to suit yourself, and make it your own.) Click a feature ‘on’, start using it, and we’ll start charging. Click it ‘off’, and we’ll stop. What could be simpler than that? You pay for exactly what you want, and not what you don’t.
  1. We’re a perfect financial fit. Our charging model is all about you. It works on a simple premise. Pay us per user, per month. That means that a tiny company pays a tiny bill, and a very big company pays one that’s not actually so much bigger. After all, we’re all about small business expense tracking to eliminate wasteful spending, so you’d expect us not to waste your money.
  1. We grow with you. Because of our feature dashboard and our pricing model, our business expense tracking software will always be the right scale for your operation. Set on someone new, and we’ll adjust the bill to reflect the new hire. When someone leaves, and you’re in that awkward gap trying to find a replacement, no problem. Our online software can reflect the headcount reduction. See? Even then, it’s all about you.

Of course, there’s still more to us than that, but you can discover the other things for yourself. You might be interested in setting up an expenses policy, or the fact that our software is smartphone based, so you can manage your business expenses just about anywhere in the world.

You might find it helpful to link a company credit card to the software, keeping personal and private money well away from each other, or that you’re not keeping employees waiting to get their money back.

It might be that you want to calculate tax as you go; file spending under the headings you define, or send reports to accounts and finance departments. We can do all of that. And if you’re still not sure of the angels in the detail, use Solo Expenses for a while and you might find yourself saying: “Thank heavens for this little app…”