4 Reasons why Oil Prices will not go above $80 a barrel

Americans are risk takers. They then use technology to disrupt markets. The oil markets have been controlled and dictated, for years, by OPEC (read, Middle Eastern producers, mainly Saudi Arabia).

Beyond the “Work Life Balance”

In a recent article in the Financial Times (London), Amy Kasmin wrote that only 27% of the women worked in India v/s 81% in other Asian countries. India also had the lowest ratio of educated women in fulltime employment

7 Key business influencers to follow

Many years ago grandma told me that because I had one mouth and two ears I should spend twice as much time listening as speaking. How wise she was. Grandmas often are, if only we are prepared to believe it at the time.

Why Prince Charles and our dolphin need your help

Join our environmental campaign by naming OUR dolphin. You’ll be supporting efforts to clean up the oceans, and saving yourself money into the bargain. What’s not to like?