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Why being unable to see the price means you can’t afford it

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who give a nonchalant shrug when told the price of something, and those that say, aghast: “How much?” and drop it like it’s hot.

The reason behind the very different reactions are as much a reflection of the attitude to money as anything else, not even how much an individual owns.

But in business it doesn’t matter how much money one has; there’s never too much of it to warrant financial carelessness. As Lord Alan Sugar is so fond of saying: “Follow the money.” It’s important to know what things cost, which is the first step in knowing that you’re getting value for money.

And that’s why at ExpenseOnDemand we have produced a pricing calculator to offer another dimension of control within our expense management software.

This is the ultimate in getting a quote for a service, because it allows the potential customer to factor in all the variables from our feature-rich service, and to know exactly what the price will be – and to see what difference is made by changing some of the variables.

This is so important because making a business succeed involves knowing what the costs are, and staying in control of them.

So, with the ExpenseOnDemand business expense tracker, you can instantly see the additional cost of adding a particular feature to your package – before you commit to it. Those last five words are the crucial part. That means you will always be in control of your spending on expense management software.

What we give you for nothing

But it’s important to note that we don’t charge for all of the features we offer for business expense management. Sign up to be a user, and before you’ve spent anything at all, you’ll find that we give you things at no charge. We have no setup fee, which we acknowledge is quite standard, but we’ll also let you add named employees to the system, assign the people who can approve expenses, and set up basic mileage rates, all for no cost.

Mind you, a quick visit to our pricing calculator will show you that even the paid-for features cost mere pennies, so the total bill will not only be less than you would expect to pay for a cutting edge expense manager app, but less than the amount your business could save, what we offer looks even more cost-effective.

Have a look at our pricing calculator now. Play around with some numbers to see what it might cost for your business – and remember: we have been in business since 2003, and we have customers in more than 90 countries. They’ve all followed the money to get the best expense tracker app they could find…

Picture: Agencyby | Dreamstime